Best 5 Disposable Vapes 2022: Not to Miss

The best disposables for max flavor, capacity & vaping performance. Disposables have quickly become the most popular style of e-cigarette in 2022. Even though they have been around for over a decade, it’s only recently that technology has really pushed their performance to another level. There are so many choices when it comes to disposable [...]

Pro tips for your disposable vape device

Disposables are simple to use as they have no replaceable parts and just consist of a battery and a vape juice reservoir with a built-in coil. So unlike other vape devices where pro tips may be needed on how to maintain your vape and prevent any issues, there’s not much to cover with disposables. However, [...]

Why does my disposable vape smell burnt and how can I fix it

If you’ve ever fired up your device and taken a nice, long drag, only to end up gasping and choking on a hot, foul-tasting hit, you aren’t alone. Burnt hits are nasty, unhealthy, and best avoided at all costs. Keep reading to find out: What’s gone wrong? Why does my vape taste burnt? And how do […]

What Are Mesh Coils?

Every few years, a new technology appears and rocks the vaping industry to its core – and recently, the biggest technology in the vaping industry has undoubtedly been the mesh vape coil. Whether you’re shopping for a new vape tank or just reading reviews of the latest vape gear, there’s no escaping the fact that […]