Vape Parts Explained: How Does a Vape Work?

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s happening inside your vape kit when you use it? It’s actually pretty amazing to consider the volume of research that has gone into replacing something as simple as a cigarette. A surprising amount of work has been done by the industry in the little over a decade […]

Vaping vs. Smoking: What Can You Expect When You Make the Switch?

If you’ve been thinking about switching to vaping, you already know the biggest difference between vaping vs. smoking. Switching means that you’re no longer inhaling tar, carbon monoxide or the many other byproducts of burning tobacco. That’s a compelling enough reason on its own to switch to vaping – but as you’re about to learn, […]

How To Choose a Vape Pen

Choosing a vape pen is the first step on your vaping journey because the pen you use will alter your experience. However, even if you’re not new to vaping, it’s easy to find the wide choice of devices too overwhelming. Don’t let confusion or analysis paralysis get in the way of your vaping experience. Instead, discover which device […]

Origin of the development of Coil Vape

What are coils? What is the purpose of a coil? Before we understand what a coil vape is, we need to figure out what a vape coil is and what it does in an e-cigarette module. A coil is essentially a resistor that the battery module uses to superheat the vapor juice into vapor through an […]

How to Save Money: Disposables vs Refillable Vapes, which is Cheaper?

disposable vape pen

How much do disposable e-cigarettes cost? From Elf Bars to IVG’s, disposable e-cigarettes are popular for their small size and simplicity, like the 600-puff pack you can order for around $7 (£6). But if you want to puff 1,500 puffs or more, you’ll be looking at $14 per disposable vape minimum, and that’s where the […]

Planes and Vapes: All You Need to Know Before Boarding a Plane

Are you a vaper who’s boarding a plane soon or is making plans to board a plane but isn’t sure if whether or not you can bring your vapes on board? Well, I am here to walk you through this and tell you all about the TSA decisions on vapes on board and how to […]


For those who are looking to make the switch from smoking to vaping, evidence suggests there are plenty of reasons to do so, one of which is to lower blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is far more likely if you have a high blood pressure, the risk of which is heightened if you smoke. Giving […]