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Common Problems And Solutions Of Electronic Cigarette

1. The light is off and there is no smoke.

Battery is dead: please use the supporting charger to install battery charging (please refer to the manual for charging method). One charge takes about 3 hours. It can be removed and used. The charging time should not exceed 4 hours, otherwise it is easy to damage the battery.

The battery is in the protected state: the battery is in the protected state when it is used continuously for more than 15 times or for a long time (more than 5 seconds) after one breath. It can be used normally for about 20 seconds.

The battery and atomizer are not tightened: Please tighten the battery and atomizer to make the contact part fully contact.


2. Small amount of smoke

When inhaling, the smoke becomes smaller obviously: the smoke cartridge has been used up. Please replace it with a new one and wait for seven or eight seconds before it can be used normally.

The amount of smoke is still small after dripping a large amount of liquid smoke or the newly changed cigarette cartridge: if there is too much liquid smoke, please shake the atomizer upside down or blow out the excess liquid smoke in the atomizer. It can be used normally.

When users use it improperly, the amount of cigarette smoke is still very small. When users smoke hard, e-cigarettes can only work for a short time because users can’t keep up. The amount of smoke is very small. The correct way to use it is to enjoy the fun of e-cigarette with only light and steady breathing.

How to make big smoke?

We don’t recommend that all novices try big smoke. This requires a certain accumulation of relevant knowledge. Generally, high power, low resistance and high oil conduction speed will produce smoke. Smoke players generally refer to oil mist. Enhancer player.


3. LED light

It often flashes during use, and the indicator light on the front of the e-cigarette often flashes inexplicably: in program setting, the e-cigarette adopts humanized design. When using 13-15 ports (about the number of ports) or using a breath for too long (more than 5 seconds), the indicator light will flash.


4. The cigarette holder is so hot.

When smoking, I feel that the cigarette holder is very hot: I often use it or I don’t have enough cigarette oil. Because the electronic cigarette adopts the heater to atomize the smoke oil, the central temperature is as high as 280 degrees. It’s very hot, but if you use it too often or if you don’t have enough cigarette oil, you will accumulate some heat and feel a little hot. Use it just like normal smoking. In addition, you will feel muggy when the ambient temperature is too high. Minimize the use of e-cigarettes in overheated environments.

5. Noise during use.

When in use, the atomizer makes a “click” sound: the sound of smoke atomization. The sound produced by violent physical changes in the sublimation process is normal.


6. Smoke oil when smoking electronic cigarette:

Excessive electronic cigarette oil or improper use of electronic cigarette. There are devices inside the electronic cigarette to prevent liquid backflow and prevent inhalation of electronic cigarette. “It is formed by liquid liquefaction. After dozens of suction, the vaporized liquid will liquefy into small droplets when encountering the inner wall of the cooler cigarette holder and adhere to the inside of the cigarette holder. A small amount of liquid may be inhaled when inhaled again. Inhalation is a normal physical phenomenon. You only need to install the electronic cigarette, shake it out and wipe it dry. In addition, you can add a drop of electronic cigarette with the user The method is the same. For cigarettes, it may use too much electronic smoke to enter the atomizer, or it may emit liquid.


7. Burning smell during smoking:

If the liquid of the cigarette cartridge is used up, replace it with a new one immediately. The ink cartridge can be used normally in seven or eight seconds.


8. Maintenance of electronic cigarette should be placed in a cool and dry place.

When the electronic cigarette is not used, please loosen the atomizer and battery to prevent mis-operation. When not in use for a long time, remove the atomizer from the battery and store it separately, and wipe the excess liquid in the atomizer dry. The cartridge will run out in two or three days.

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