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Is Electronic Cigarette Really Safe?

E-cigarette is a non-burning alternative to cigarettes. Everyone has different opinions on e-cigarettes. I would like to remind you of the reports from China Tobacco Online. I hope to help you see e-cigarettes. Recently, some highly reliable laboratories from around the world have also published several reports on e-cigarettes. . Usually made of stainless steel, the shape is like ordinary cigarettes. The electronic cigarette has a storage compartment containing liquid nicotine with different concentrations, that is, an electronic cigarette cartridge. It is powered by a lithium battery and can be used like a real cigarette when used. Make people feel smoking. But electronic cigarettes do not need to be ignited and do not produce smoke. Electronic cigarettes have the same look, feel, and taste as real cigarettes, but they do not contain more than 4,000 chemicals contained in cigarettes. This is why e-cigarettes are not anti-smoking orders.

Many countries and regions have implemented or are considering increasing tobacco taxes significantly. The cost of using electronic cigarettes is much lower than that of traditional cigarettes. Currently. For example, in April 2009, the United States raised the federal tobacco tax from 39 cents per pack to 1.01 US dollars, a move that caused the overall price of cigarettes in the United States to rise. In order to save money, some cigarette smokers switch to electronic cigarettes, so that he can still get the feeling of nicotine and cigarettes, while also using electronic cigarettes to avoid taxes. Will be an option for nicotine replacement therapy. Moreover, unlike the cigarette butts, the nicotine bin used in electronic cigarettes is almost completely recyclable because it is made almost entirely of plastic, so electronic cigarettes are a very environmentally friendly product.

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