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Are CBD vape juice and CBD oil the same thing? -Comprehensive analysis of CBD vape juice

What’s CBD Vape Juice?

E-cigarette CBD e-liquid is a hemp-based cannabinoid product formulated to be vaped using e-cigarettes. E-liquid containing CBD may also be called cannabis e-juice or CBD vape juice. This method of consuming CBD is considered convenient and practical. There are numerous compounds in the cannabis plant, including Cannabidiol (CBD), and unlike THC (Delta-9 Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD has no psychoactive effects and will not get you high.

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What Does CBD Vape Juice Contain?

CBD vape juice is made nearly identical to your run-of-the-mill vape juice. CBD vape juice consists of propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG), flavoring, and CBD extract rather than nicotine. CBD e-liquid will typically come in various strengths, so you can dial in precisely the type of experience you’re seeking.

Difference Between CBD e-Liquid and CBD Oil?

The difference between CBD vape juice and CBD oil is essential to distinguish; CBD e-liquid is to vape, and CBD oil is to ingest orally. CBD oil is most commonly found in tincture form, used with a glass dropper and by placing the CBD oil under your tongue. In contrast, CBD vape juice is explicitly made to be vaped and inhaled. Because there is no nicotine in CBD vape juice, you could theoretically treat CBD vape juice as a tincture, but you CAN NOT treat CBD oil as vape juice. CBD oil is much more viscous and oily (obviously) and will not vape properly, while CBD vape juice could be eaten due to its food-safe ingredients. While we don’t recommend eating CBD vape juice, it can be done in theory.

How Does Vaping CBD e-Liquid Work?

Vaping CBD juice is no different than vaping regular e-liquid. Either thrown in a pod device, tank, or dripper, CBD vape juice is compatible with most vape devices. The main property you want to be careful of, however, is the PG/VG ratio. The more PG a juice has, the thinner it will be, and the more VG it has, the more viscous it will be. Sometimes, pod devices have a tough time wicking 70/30 or 80/20 juices, so you may want to seek out a thinner 50/50 or 60/40 CBD vape juice if you plan to put this in a pod device.

How to Find the Dosage You’re Comfortable With?

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, finding your correct dose can be more challenging than THC. With THC, it’s easy to know when you’ve overdone it… when you’re glued to the couch and contemplating an existential crisis. But with CBD, it can be more challenging to know your threshold.

First, we need to find how potent each mL of vape juice is to help find your proper dose. To discover how much CBD is in each mL, take the total CBD milligrams and divide the full milliliter size of the bottle to get your CBD content / mL. For example, if we have a 30ml bottle of CBD vape juice that contains 1000mg of CBD, we divide 1000 by 30 to get approximately 33. This means that each mL of that bottle contains 33mg of CBD in it. And if your vape tank holds 2ml, multiply 33 by 2 to get 66mg of CBD per tank. This process is essential to track precisely what is working and what is not.

Body weight and brain chemistry are other factors to consider when experimenting with CBD. Because everyone is different, my CBD regimen will most likely differ from your CBD regimen; so it is crucial to start your CBD dosage low and gradually work your way up to find exactly what works best for you. YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD MORE, BUT YOU CAN’T TAKE OFF.


-Difference Between CBD Vape Juice vs CBD Gummies?

While CBD vape juice affects the body more quickly, CBD gummies are more convenient and discreet. If you’re new to CBD and want to ease into the potential benefits, gummies are a great option. With that being said, gummies can be difficult to dose accurately, but they are an excellent option for beginners.

-Will I Get High From This?

Nope! CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning you wont feel high at all. CBD is used for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammation, and insomnia all while keeping your head clear!

-What are COA Reports?

Certificates of Analysis are reports from accredited laboratories detailing the chemical analysis of substances like CBD. In most cases, each batch of CBD is tested individually, and a COA is generated for each run. It is important to always check COAs when buying CBD as not all CBD is created equal and knowing what is actually inside is crucial.

-Difference Between Full Spectrum and Isolate CBD?

– CBD Isolate
The most uncorrupted form of CBD is CBD isolate. Those curious about trying out the possible health advantages of CBD without the interference of other cannabis compounds may find it suitable. Additionally, CBD isolates are refined and tasteless.

– Full-Spectrum CBD
Unlike pure CBD Isolate, Full-Spectrum CBD contains all the compounds in the cannabis plant, which may result in a more powerful effect. It has been proposed that CBD’s health benefits are more pronounced when numerous compounds from the cannabis plant are present; researchers call this the “entourage effect.” Full-spectrum CBD products may contain some THC, but typically in low quantities, less than 0.3%. It is possible, however, that as the CBD concentrates, the amount of THC may rise. It is vital that you research CBD products and look for independent test results (COAs) before purchasing.

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