Has the opportunity come for bottled e-liquid?

01 “Open” products are expected to become the mainstream of the market again   Different from traditional smoking methods, the charm of e-cigarettes lies in their more diverse flavors and convenient use. In 2024, bottled e-liquid will receive more positive market response and feedback globally.   As of 2023, the global bottled oil products market has […]

5 Signs That It’s Time to Change Your Vape Coil

Your coil is one of the most important components in your vape as it’s responsible for heating the e-liquid in your device and turning it into big clouds of vapour. No matter what type of vape you own – whether it be a Luckee, oxva or SMOK vape – it’s essential to change your coil […]

Can You Bring Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?

Can You Bring Disposable Vapes on an Airplane?   The answer to this question is “yes” – you can take disposable e-cigarettes on a plane, but only in your carry-on luggage or personal storage. Always remember that you can’t pack e-cigs in your checked luggage because they have batteries.   Can You Use Disposable E-cigarettes […]

How to Dispose of and Recycle Disposable Vapes

Vaping industry has witnessed a surge in popularity, with disposable vapes becoming a convenient and accessible option for many enthusiasts. Disposable vapes, often termed “single-use” or “all-in-one” vapes. So questions about their end-of-life management become increasingly relevant. What should we do when that flavorful journey comes to an end, and your disposable vape is spent? […]

Disposable vapes: The perfect option for first-time vapers

Are you looking to start vaping but don’t know where to begin? Disposable vapes could be the perfect option for first-time vapers. They are easy to use, cost-effective and provide a hassle-free vaping experience. Disposable vapes are a great way to start your vaping journey, without having to invest in a more expensive, and complex, […]

E-liquid Flavor Selection

Many friends are not familiar with the e-liquids for electronic cigarettes. Although there are many different brands of e-liquids on the market, they are basically the same. Here, we will briefly provide the basic knowledge for new users who do not know how to choose.   The common flavors of e-liquids on the market can be […]

Zero Nicotine Vape: Pros and Cons

Quitting smoking can be one of the best decisions you will ever make, and switching to vaping is a popular, successful way to do that. But with all the choices available for vape devices, it’s essential that you consider nicotine concentration when making your selection. Low-nicotine or zero-nicotine vapes have become an increasingly discussed option among […]

How Long Do Refillable Vape Pods Last?

Undoubtedly, vape pens offer several benefits, particularly those that use refillable pods. But with time, it will dawn on you, and you will find yourself curious about how long it lasts. If you find yourself pondering how long a vape pod lasts, you’ve come to the right place. Estimating a refillable vape pod’s longevity can take […]

How To Choose a Vape Pen

Choosing a vape pen is the first step on your vaping journey because the pen you use will alter your experience. However, even if you’re not new to vaping, it’s easy to find the wide choice of devices too overwhelming. Don’t let confusion or analysis paralysis get in the way of your vaping experience. Instead, discover which device […]