Vape Parts Explained: How Does a Vape Work?

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s happening inside your vape kit when you use it? It’s actually pretty amazing to consider the volume of research that has gone into replacing something as simple as a cigarette. A surprising amount of work has been done by the industry in the little over a decade […]

Where Does Nicotine Come From?

One of the biggest reasons why you switched from smoking to vaping is because you care about what you put into your body. You wanted to find a way to use nicotine that was as satisfying as smoking but didn’t require you to inhale smoke, and that’s exactly what you found when you became a […]

Vaping vs. Smoking: What Can You Expect When You Make the Switch?

If you’ve been thinking about switching to vaping, you already know the biggest difference between vaping vs. smoking. Switching means that you’re no longer inhaling tar, carbon monoxide or the many other byproducts of burning tobacco. That’s a compelling enough reason on its own to switch to vaping – but as you’re about to learn, […]

How to Get Rid of the Smoke Smell After Switching to Vaping

After you purchase your first vape kit and switch to vaping, getting rid of the smoke smell in your environment will be one of your first priorities. You’ll find the cigarette smell repugnant once you’re no longer a smoker. Moreover, once you’ve made the switch, you won’t want the smell to be a constant reminder […]

Ohms Too Low on a Vape: What Does It Mean?

If your vape mod displays the error “Ohms Too Low” when you press the fire button, it means that your device can’t work safely because the detected resistance of the atomizer coil installed in the tank is too low. The best vapes always have built-in protection circuits that manage power delivery to ensure that you […]

Why Does Nicotine Make Me Dizzy?

Temporary dizziness is one of the most commonly reported side effects of vaping and nicotine use in general. As a smoker or former smoker, in fact, you probably remember feeling dizzy the first few times that you smoked a cigarette. It might surprise you, though, if you experience the same dizziness when vaping even though […]

The Truth You Need to Know: The Negative Impacts of Vape Flavor Bans

More data shows the negative impact of vape flavor bans Echoing the findings of previous studies, a recent survey revealed the significant impact of vape flavors on smoking cessation behavior. The survey, conducted in Ireland by Red C Research and Marketing, revealed that one in five vape users said they were likely to return to […]

Commonly Asked Questions About E-Cigarettes

Every year, more and more people are using E-Cigarettes. They’ve become highly popular as they’re just so simple to use, incredibly convenient and extremely user friendly. Above all, they dramatically improve the daily vaping experience, taking it to a new level.   To help those who are interested in E-Cigarettes, Our team has written an […]

Vaping Myths That You Should Pay No Attention to

Since the middle of the twentieth century, there has been a concerted effort by doctors and health professionals to try and spread awareness about the harmful consequences attributed to smoking.   This has certainly contributed to the reason that vaping has started to become the main alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Despite the significant amount of […]

How can E-Cigarettes Help you Give Up Nicotine?

Smoking can be incredibly harmful, leading to all sorts of health problems like cancer and lung diseases. So, why is it so difficult to quit? One of the main reasons is the nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, which is a highly addictive substance. It can feel almost impossible to just stop smoking and this is why […]