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Is Nicotine Free E-cigarettes Still Harmful

Is nicotine free e-cigarettes still harmful? Cigarettes are harmful because they contain nicotine. Now electronic cigarettes on the market are claimed to be a safe and harmless substitute for cigarettes, which are becoming more and more popular among consumers. If the e-cigarette does not contain nicotine, is it still harmful?5K BOX – Shenzhen Thunder Storm Technology (

A new study by researchers at the Perelman School of medicine at the University of Pennsylvania shows that as long as an electronic cigarette can damage human blood vessels, even if the smoke contains no nicotine at all.5K MINI – Shenzhen Thunder Storm Technology (

Under the banner of “tar free and nicotine reducing”, e-cigarettes claim to effectively reduce the probability of people suffering from lung cancer. In the latest study, the University of California team found that e-cigarette users have higher adrenaline levels than ordinary people, which means that these people are more likely to have arrhythmias, heart attacks and sudden death. In addition, smoking e-cigarettes can also lead to an increase in the level of oxidative stress, leading to arteriosclerosis. These two results are also common in the hazards of traditional cigarettes

According to an article published by the World Health Organization, the second-hand smoke of e-cigarettes is actually not safe and is a new source of air pollution. Compared with smokeless fresh air, second-hand aerosols can cause PM1 0 value is 14-40 times higher, PM2 The 5 value is 6-86 times higher, the nicotine content is 10-115 times higher, the formaldehyde content is 20% higher, and the content of some metals is even higher than that of second-hand smoke produced by traditional cigarettes!600PUFFS – Shenzhen Thunder Storm Technology (

E-cigarettes with or without nicotine will still volatilize carcinogens and other aerosol particles that stimulate airway response. The scientificity and twists and turns of quitting smoking with e-cigarettes can only be verified in the process of practice. Quitting smoking is the healthiest way of life.

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